The Consultations We Provide And How Our Consulting Works?

3 Pie squared has been providing consultation to its clients for the past 30 years. Their expertise in the area of HIPAA compliance, Human Resources, Accounting, Internal/External Auditing, and ABA Clinical experience makes them an ideal choice when it comes to guidance.

Basic Consulting:

We provide a range of necessary consulting for various companies to increase their chances of success. Here are some of the essential consulting services.

HIPAA Consulting: Our experts have a deep understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and can guide and resolve all the problems about the policy.

Human Resources: If your issue is in regards to the workforce, our human resources consultancy team will provide tangible solutions and result-driven practices to get results.

Practice Start-Up Consulting: If you are going to start practice, you can get practice start-up consultation to avoid the major and minor pitfalls and be better prepared for the overall endeavor.

Insurance Billing Training: The Medical field is very unforgiving to people who go in, blind in any aspect. One aspect that might skip the eyes is insurance billing. With insurance billing training, you can get an efficient and compliant billing system that works.

Insurance Audits: Want your business to have a risk management process in place in case of a problem? Visit our insurance audits consultants for all the details and vital information.

Website Design, Logo Design, Brochures, and Business Cards: Putting the right impression across is important, and website, logo, and brochures and business cards design can help with that. So, utilize the years of experience of our consultants to get the best brand image across to the potential clients.

Hiring Support: We also provide support in recruiting individuals for the business.

BCBA Consulting:

Board Certified Behavior Analyst consulting has been a significant part of our firm. We provide the best handbooks to run your business.

ABA Clinical Support: Applied Behavior Analysis clinical support can help you efficiently set your business from the very first go. Improve your existing system or create a brand new one with the suggestions.

Report Templates: We can help you create the best report templates that the analysts can use to improve their efficiency as well as their overall performance check.

How does consultancy work?

As a consultancy, we provide well-written handbooks that are based on research and best practices to give the desired results for the clients.

Our knowledgeable and responsive staff will provide the best services. We help you streamline the process and enable you to run an overall better operating system.


As consultants, patience, and understanding of the concerns and problems of the clients are two of our major virtues. We will take the time to listen to you and learn about the issues that you are currently facing in your work.

Small businesses that are just starting or companies that have set up the work already but need extra help to make the process smoother have come to us for our expertise, and we have not yet disappointed any of our clients.

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